TPN Information Dates

Deadline for submission of proposals for TPN funding 2017

In order to apply for funding from the TPN Scheme for 2017 please use the steps below:

Ask from your branches to present their proposed activities using the document TGA Local Activity Proposal
Select and enter in form TGA SUMMARY Proposal only those events that comply with TPN Terms & Conditions
Send the documents via email to your nominated education centre; discuss with the Director and amend as necessary
Print and sign the Summary and send to your nominated education centre requesting the Director’s final approval and signature
Please ensure that the signed form arrives in Blackrock Education Centre no later than 27th January 2017
The TPN Coordinator will be notified by email when the TPN grant is approved, for what amount and under which conditions. The said email will also be cc’d to the Director and Accounts personnel of the TGA’s nominated Education Centre. Absence of confirmation should not be interpreted as awarding of TPN funds. Please keep in touch with your Education Centre if you have queries regarding TPN funding.

The website contains all information regarding the TPN Scheme.

By registering with TPN an association confirms that it has read and understood the current TPN Funding Terms and Conditions, displayed in the website’s homepage, and that it accepts them in full.

Additional Funding

Additional funding for long term projects, projects involving several TPNs, or technical projects that could benefit all teachers may be made available, based on proposals.


Please note that collaboration with support structures is fundamental to the professional development of teachers. The TPN Steering Committee will consider proposals supported by PDST RDOs, Education Centres’ Directors, Department Inspectors, etc.