Last SARG Meeting

The last SARG Meeting will took place on Wednesday 11th November 2020 at 9.30pm on Zoom. The topics of discussion were

  • Covid in Schools
  • Report in relation to TPN Guidelines
  • Deadline for receipt of TPN forms for 2021
  • Choice of Nominated Education Centre
  • Filling out the TGA Registration form
  • Filling out the TGA-local-activity-Proposal-2021 form
  • Filling out the TGA-SUMMARY-2021 form
  • Annual report 2020

SARG hosted a workshop on Zoom at 8.00pm on the 20-11-2020 and at 21-11-2020 at 10.00am on the followig topics

  • 2021 TPN Funding Terms and Conditions
  • Workshop on filling out the following:
  • Filling out the following TPN forms
  • 2021 TGA-Registration
  • 2021 TGA-local-activity-Proposal
  • 2021 TGA-SUMMARY
  • Membership